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Gini provides the information extraction system for analyzing documents such as invoices or contracts. The system is capable of extracting the document sender or the amount to pay as well as many other types of specific information from various invoice formats.

The API supports PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF documents.

The information extraction starts when the document is sent to the extraction system. There it first gets verified and then classified as being native or scanned.

There is a difference between native and scanned PDF files. Native PDFs are created using Microsoft Word, Excel, Illustrator or other software that generates PDF files from source code. Scanned PDFs are created by scanning devices from actual paper documents.

The native PDF documents already contain this information in the document source code and are processed accordingly. However, the scanned documents do not have the source code and therefore do not directly provide the information that can be easily read and understood by the system. Therefore, the extraction system has to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and various computer vision methods to obtain the document contents.

Once the layout and the textual contents become available for the uploaded document, the system starts extracting document semantic information such as the document sender (name, address) and meta information such as the document type (invoice, contract).

It might be so that the system is unable to extract the information correctly. This could most likely happen due to OCR errors caused by poor quality of the scanned document, incomplete textual data or quite specific document design format. In such cases it is still possible to correct the extractions by manually selecting the correct amount to pay on the document and submitting it back to the API. The extraction system will receive the feedback and help us to improve its self-learning algorithms over time.

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SDKs and Samples

The document describes the API on the HTTP protocol level. If you simply want to integrate the Gini extraction system into your mobile application as fast as possible, we also offer SDKs for different platforms: